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Locomotive Cycles is always on the move. While you are pedaling your bicycles we are working on the next project, which will see the light when we are sure that it is perfect even after several months of test. In the meantime, you can keep up to date and discover new information on the Locomotive world here in the Blog. You can find links to the infamous LAN (Locomotive Adventure Note), a series of videos where our bicycles and their philosophy are explained, involving some of our friends who use our bicycles (sorry only in Italian).

Which fork for your Locomotive?

We resume one of the direct Facebook Locomotive Adventure Notes on the forks for the Locomotives.

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Dino Lazaretti’s Scotsman

Let's see the Scotsman Locomotive together in the special set-up chosen by Dino Lanzaretti, after the first trips to Iceland and Italy and about 1500 km in extreme conditions. For the type of use that Dino makes in his travels, exploring rough roads and off-road routes they have privileged above all: absolute reliability and repairability […]

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What tires on the Locomotives?

The Westlander and Scotsman Locomotive project (in Capricorn code) had three important guidelines right from the start: Reliability, Comfort and Versatility. The two pillars on which the concept of Versatility was developed were: 1 - Possibility to mount any size of rubber available for off-roadada2 - Geometry adaptable to different assets and physical characteristics. So […]

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Westlander vs. Scotsman

One of the questions we are asked most often concerns the choice between the two Locomotive Cycles models in stainless steel, the Drop Bar Weslander and the Flat Bar Scotsman. The main difference lies in the different geometry optimized for the type of handlebar which is different between the two models: we therefore have two […]

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Midnight Express at the Tour Divide. Why Hayes Dominion A4?

Midnight Express is the most 'racing' version among those currently produced by Locomotives. We have prepared one for Stefano Romualdi who took part in the Tour Divide 2019, probably the most competitive and demanding edition of the event that has ever taken place so far. We explain to you why we decided to equip the […]

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Kit 142/12: how to adopt the kit for those who have not yet installed it

Locomotive was born with Siderod rear dropouts, designed to ensure maximum versatility and robustness. The stop of the rear hub at the time of delivery is Boost® but thanks to the modular structure of the Siderods it is possible to insert special spacers that reduce the stop to 142/12 making the frame compatible with all […]

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Free Upgrade: Westlander and Scotsman locomotives are equipped with both Boost and 142 × 12

If there is a chromosome in Locomotive DNA that matters more than the others, it is versatility. Every single phase of the design has always considered all the cases of use and transformation to ensure the customer can adapt to the different types of foreseen and unexpected use and to the evolution of cycling standards. […]

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Three is better than two

You notice the things that are wrong but rarely those that work. Many curious people have asked us: why THREE screws for each bottle cage instead of two as the vast majority of manufacturers use? Because with three screws you can decide which position to choose for the bottles according to the load requirements. The […]

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Midnight Express Titanium and the bottom bracket drainage hole

When we designed the Midnight Express, given the more 'extreme' use (it is in fact a 'bad' XC ready to do battle from the Marathon to the Trail of thousands of km) we had not considered the presence of the Draining Hole water from the frame). After some complaints from the most attentive, we decided […]

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Luggage rack attachment

Luggage rack attachment It was an additional cost to put them on… and Scotsman and Westlander already cost enough… and we are huge fans of bikepacking, mainly because it helps to realize that you can leave 3 quarters of what you consider essential at home… without missing it. For this reason we had not included […]

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Stainless steel and two-phase structure

Just as there are many types of steel there are also many types of stainless steel. 'Duplex' stainless steels were invented more than a hundred years ago in Sweden by Sandvik technicians who used two different types of stainless steel that combined together have a very interesting mix of mechanical and anticorrosive characteristics. mechanical and […]

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