Midnight Express

Midnight Express

Titanium Flat Bar with high performance geometry

Variable geometry.

Midnight Express also has the ability to make a geometry variation. Thanks to the Siderod rear dropouts you can customize the geometry of the wagon and the type of use you prefer: almost a custom-made bike, but with the possibility of changing the stability, reactivity and tensioning the chain in case of breakage of the gearbox or simply to use it in Singlespeed.

Adopt 3 wheel standards to always be up to par.

The absolute maximum of versatility: not only the geometry of the frame is variable but also the standard of the wheels: 700C, 29 inches, 27.5 plus. This defines absorption capacity, smoothness, grip on critical soils. For a smooth ride you can mount cyclocross-style wheels and have a smoothness comparable to a racing bike. For a bumpy trip and with a lot of off-road you can use wider wheels and as with a really important volume of air, to deal with routes and climatic situations that less capable wheels could not face.

Extend or shorten the rear carriage with a 6mm Allen key

Mobile ‘Siderod’ dropouts on the Scotsman and Westlander models allow you to adjust the length of the chainstays by as much as 15 mm. This means radically changing the reactivity of the bike: more responsive and quick in the short setting, and more stable and less fatiguing in the longer position. With the Locomotive models no compromise is needed: the choice is yours and it can adapt to the type of use you want to make of the bike at that moment.

3AL.2.5V titanium, comfort and lightness

Titanium is considered the best metal for the production of bike frames, thanks to its low density, similar to that of aluminum, it is very light, more than steel. The corrosion resistance and sturdiness make it exceptional for high performance, great comfort, thanks to the absorption of vibrations and durability. We use titanium alloyed with Aluminum and Vanadium, the best alloy for weldability and technical characteristics for our triple butted tubes with increased diameter.

Technical features

  • Tire passage: max 29 x 2.6
  • Fork: Carbon length 510 mm, rake 51
  • Headset: upper ZS 44, lower EC 44
  • Seatpost: 31.6mm diameter, 34mm collar
  • Bottom bracket: BB92
  • Transmission: Single chainring max 36T, Double max 38-28
  • Rear axle: 148 x 12 mm with reduction to 142 x 12 mm
  • Brake connection: IS 160 mm
  • Predisposition for telescopic seat post internal passage


Midnight Express

MIDNIGHT EXPRESS Small Medium Large Extra Large
Top Tube A 590 mm 610 mm 630 mm 650 mm
Seat Tube B 380 mm 435 mm 485 mm 530 mm
Head Angle C 68° 68° 68° 68°
Seat Angle D 73° 73° 73° 73°
BB Drop E 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm 60 mm
Chainstay F From 430 to 445 mm From 430 to 445 mm From 430 to 445 mm From 430 to 445 mm
Wheelbase G From 1100,6 to 1115,6 mm From 1121,4 to 1136,4 mm From 1141 to 1156 mm From 1162 to 1177 mm
Head Tube Lenght H 100 mm 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Stack I 608,3 mm 613,6 mm 617,6 mm 626,9 mm
Reach J 404,0 mm 421,2 mm 441,2 mm 458,3 mm
Fork Rake K 51 mm 51 mm 51 mm 51 mm
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