Blue Train

Triple butted steel Drop Bar gravel and touring bike
We also offer a Locomotive Blue Train build, which is the Gravel 700c vision of the Locomotive brand.

The bike has variable bottom bracket geometry like the other frames and a fork with variable rake settings and flat-mount caliper mounts. The bike is painted with a metallic finish that changes tone according to the light between dark green and intense blue. The frame and fork allow space for up to 700c x 52mm tires.

The frame uses triple butted STEAM® Locomotive tube set, with toptube that has external butting on the head tube end and an elliptical downtube oriented transversely on the bottom bracket side.


The frame is available in two configurations: Blue Train C and Blue Train S.
  • Blue Train C models have a carbon fork with double rake adjustment between 47 and 52mm, and they will be equipped with the eccentric system for adjusting the geometry at the bottom bracket like the Westlander and Scotsman. This is the ideal model for pure gravel, weekend rides, and medium and long distance events, with 700C or 650b knobby tires. It’s also available as a singlespeed for a mud-proof locomotive.
  • Blue Train S will have a proprietary steel fork intended for bike packing use. The bottom bracket geometry adjustment system will be available as an option. It is the travel version that you can equip with any type of bag for adventures lasting a week or a few months.

The frames will be available sizes 52, 54, 56, and 58cm.
Sizes 50 and 60 will be added later.

Technical features

  • Tire passage: 700C x 52, 650b x 55
  • Fork: Carbon length 395 mm, rake 47/52, Steel length 410 mm, rake 50
  • Headset: upper ZS 44, lower EC 44
  • Seatpost: diameter 27.2 mm, collar 30 mm
  • Bottom bracket: PF30
  • Transmission: single chainring max 48T (using eccentric mc), double max 50-34
  • Rear axle: 142 x 12 mm
  • Brake connection: Flat Mount 160 mm


Blue Train S
Blue Train C
BLUE TRAIN S505254565860
Top TubeA500520540560580600
Seat TubeB390460480,5530560580
Seat AngleC747373727272
Steerer AngleD707171717272
BB DropE757575,4757575
Steerer tube lengthH100125145170195210
Fork RakeK505050505050
BLUE TRAIN C505254565860
Top TubeA500520540560580600
Seat TubeB390460480,5530560580
Seat AngleC74,573,573,572,572,572,5
Head AngleD70,571,571,571,572,572,5
BB DropE696969696969
Head Tube LenghtH100125145170195210
Fork RakeK47/5247/5247/5247/5247/5247/52

Blue Train, 2 sets, gravel and travel

Breezer Style Dropouts

Blue Train adopts both replaceable dropouts and thanks to the front eccentric it is possible to adjust the height of the bottom bracket and the length of the rear end.
The brake mounts are in 'Flat Mount' standard. The circular attachments above the dropout are designed for mounting the mudguard and luggage rack at the same time. The dropouts welding system, a very rigid outer shell inspired by the 'Breezer' style, significantly increases the rigidity of the dropout - seat stays assembly. Although not having the extreme adaptability and modularity of the top models, the Blue Train has many rare features in the world of gravel / bikepacking and as versatility it fully maintains the Locomotive philosophy.

Yoke chainstays

The Blue Train has been designed to have a very generous tire clearance, at least 700 x 50 mm with any gravel rim available.
So in order to have the necessary space inside the rear end and maintain compatibility with double and even triple transmissions, we had to work hard. The solution was to use two CNC-made steel plates, flat and thin but very rigid, which welded to the large bottom bracket shell and chainstays, create a box-like structure that maximizes the available space. Even the stiffening bridge welded to the two plates behind the bottom bracket has been curved in order to recover precious millimeters for the passage of the rear tire.

Steam series steel

Blue Train's new 4130 steel tubing series was designed specifically for this model.
Tubes with different diameters and thicknesses, the individual tubes are thinned both internally and externally and also oriented with a 40/30 elliptical structure in the bottom bracket area to increase resistance to twisting. Different diameters and thicknesses for each single size to obtain an equal response in both small and large sizes. The special yoke behind the very stiff bottom bracket maximizes the space available for generous tires.

Eccentric bottom bracket

Also available for the Blue Train is our eccentric bottom bracket that allows you to change the height and lengthen or shorten the rear.
The C version is equipped with this accessory as standard, which is available separately for the S version. The eccentric movement allows you to use the two standard wheels, 700C and 650B, by adjusting the height of the movement (higher with the 650B wheels. and lower with the 700C) by 8.5 mm. In addition, in the event of the rear derailleur breaking, the eccentric allows you to continue the journey using a single gear, after having shortened the chain and having tensioned it by rotating the bottom bracket.


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