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Locomotive Cycles is always on the move. While you are pedaling your bicycles we are working on the next project, which will see the light when we are sure that it is perfect even after several months of test. In the meantime, you can keep up to date and discover new information on the Locomotive world here in the Blog. You can find links to the infamous LAN (Locomotive Adventure Note), a series of videos where our bicycles and their philosophy are explained, involving some of our friends who use our bicycles (sorry only in Italian).

The hole that counts

One of the additions we made to the Westlander and Scotsman Locomotives in production was… a hole. It's the bottom bracket drain hole that I hope you all have on your bikes. In the days of steel frames and ball bottom brackets, having a hole to drain the water was essential. Then over time it […]

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Fundamental details

Designing a frame means having to manage an incredible one quantity of trivial trifles of capital importance. You have to go through it to believe it .. whole evenings discussing compatibility with new groups, bikepacking systems, accessories and options of all kinds. In the end, choices have to be made and therefore something must be […]

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How long should a bike last?

In our opinion as much as possible. However, aging can also be functional, meaning that compatibility with new standards or with a type of use that was not foreseen at the time of purchase is lost. All Locomotive frames are designed for use with the telescopic seat post. For Scotsman and Midnight Express it means […]

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Custom Geometry

Scotsman and Westlander locomotives with 'tailor-made' trim. We explain how Locomotive EBB works. For starters you can use it to fit 4 different wheel diameters (including the 700c gravel). How to position it in this case is explained on the frame where guidelines are sandblasted that suggest the various positions according to the wheels used. […]

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Cane creek 40 Series

When buying a complete bicycle, you must always pay attention to the little things. Somewhere you have to save, or choose not to take shortcuts and come out with a product without compromise but whose value will go unnoticed by many and the headset is one of those components. A 'simple' headset costs a fraction […]

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Less is better

It's such a small thing that we had to take out the Canon Macro 100mm / F2.8 lens to make the detail visible. This is the result of a long discussion with the chief welder who was responsible for the final production batch of Westlander and Scotsman locomotives. The discussion started with the latest generation […]

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Aero Bar

Let's talk about aerodynamic appendages and their mounting on bikepacking bikes. The aerodynamic appendages are a very useful tool when you are looking for performance in the Trail. The aerodynamic advantage seems negligible but it is not at all, especially if multiplied by the times which often are days. The appendages are not very light […]

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