Locomotive Cycles was born with the precise intention of having a series of definitive technical characteristics, which bring real benefits to the cyclist and are not just marketing. For us, bicycles must be trusted companions on trips and outings, they must last over time and adapt to different conditions of use. For these reasons we have chosen specific technical solutions, we have designed and tested, modified, evolved, to arrive at definitive details that resist any stress.
Stainless steel, titanium, quadruple butted steel.

Unique materials

Duplex stainless steel 2205

We have chosen what for us is the best material for traveling, namely stainless steel.

In particular, we have selected a special steel that few in the cycling field use, with extremely high performance characteristics, 2205. It is a biphasic stainless steel (duplex) composed in equal measure of ferrite and austenitic steel bonded with nitrogen. This steel has excellent weldability, high strength to stress, is resistant to corrosion even in brackish water and a double yield strength compared to standard austenitic stainless steels.

Furthermore, the feature that interests us most is that the frames made with this material have greater capacity to dampen vibrations thanks to the large amount of chromium present. The strength of 2205 steel means that the frame, even if subjected to major impacts, is easier to dent than to break.

The chemical composition of 2205 steel is: 21/23% of Chromium, 2.5 / 3.5% of Molybdenum, 5/6% of Nickel, 2% max of Manganese, 0.03 max of Carbon, 1% max. of Silicon, 0.08 / 0.2 of Nitrogen, 0.03 of Phosphorus, 0.02 of Sulfur.

The technical features:

  • Tensile strength min. 620 MPa
  • 0.2% offset yield strength, min. 420 MPa
  • Elongation A5 % 25
  • Rockwell hardness C (HR C) max 31
  • Typical temperatures of use are -50 / + 280 C°

Titanium 3AL 2.5 V

Titanium is considered the best metal for the production of bicycle frames, thanks to the low density, similar to that of aluminum, which makes it very light, more than steel. The corrosion resistance and sturdiness make it exceptional for high performance, great comfort, thanks to the absorption of vibrations and a long life. We use titanium alloy with a percentage of 3% of Aluminum and 2.5% of Vanadium (Grade 9), the best alloy for weldability and technical characteristics for our triple-butted tubes with increased diameter. An alloy widely used in aeronautical and military applications that allows us to make frames of about 500 gr. lighter than steel ones and characterized by an excellent capacity to absorb vibrations, for a comfortable and unparalleled ride.


The technical features:

  • Tensile strength min. MPa 860
  • 0.2% offset yield strength, min. MPa 725
  • Elongation A5 % 10
  • Rockwell C hardness (HR C) max 20

Triple butted steel

Blue Train's new 4130 steel tubing series called Steam was designed specifically for this model exclusively for Locomotive Cycles. The tubes have different diameters and thicknesses, the individual tubes are thinned both internally and externally and also oriented with a 40/30 elliptical structure in the bottom bracket area to increase resistance to twisting. The diameters and thicknesses of the tubes are also differentiated for each single size to obtain an equal response in both small and large sizes.

In this way we have a solid base, with well-defined characteristics, which allows us to design a perfect frame for the intended use.

The chemical composition of 4130 steel is as follows: Carbon 0.28-0.33%, Manganese 0.70-0.85%, Phosphorus 0.035 max, Sulfur 0.040 max, Chromium 0.80-0.90%, Molybdenum 0.15-0.25%.


Technical features:

  • Tensile strength min. MPa 560
  • 0.2% offset yield strength, min. 460 MPa
  • Elongation A5 % 21
  • Rockwell hardness C (HR C) max 17
Geometry adjustment systems integrated in each frame, dropouts, eccentric bb, forks with adjustable Rake

Maximum adaptability

Sliding Siderod dropouts

Since the first Locomotive model we have worked to have the maximum adaptability of our frames, so as to be able to refine the dynamic behavior, also according to the set of wheels and tires used. The Siderod dropouts on the Westlander, Scotsman and Midnight Express are CNC machined from solid Inox for maximum strength. The two characteristics that distinguish them are:


  1. Length adjustment. By loosening the upper and lower screws and adjusting the horizontal screw, the axis of the rear wheel can be moved forward or backward by 1.5 cm. This allows you to have a longer rear end for greater stability and a wider tire passage, or shorter for greater handling.
  2. Double standard for the rear hub without having to change the plates. Just move the spacers provided from the outside to the inside or remove them and put them on by changing the stainless steel screws supplied as standard and you can go from 142 x 12 to 148 x 12.


The two movable plates for housing the axle and dropout are available as spare parts.

Eccentric Kaha movement

We have customized this component with specific serigraphs that perfectly adapt to the indications shown on the bottom bracket of our Westlander and Scotsman frames. In this way, making the indication of the eccentric collimate and that on the frame, you have an indication of the ideal position of the bottom bracket according to the wheel diameter adopted.

The eccentric is equipped with two through screws that close it against the bottom bracket in order to prevent rotation under stress. Two high smoothness and resistance bearings are included in the movement which is compatible with 24mm spindle cranksets.

Details that make the difference

Reflective decals, high-strength stainless steel screws, attachment points for accessories

All our frames, whether they are bare (stainless steel and titanium) or painted (steel), use high quality decals that can be printed in different colors. The base material is a 3M reflective based product, this makes the decals very visible at night when hit by the light from car headlights. A detail that is also taken up by the two red stripes positioned on the Siderod dropouts towards the rear.

All the screws on our frames, from the bottle cage to the dropouts, are made of high-strength stainless steel, in this way we are sure that there will be no breakages and that rust will not be a problem to deal with, even in the future.

Compared to the first prototypes, thanks to numerous field tests we have expanded the range of holes on the frame to apply bottle cages and accessories such as luggage racks, mudguards and Bikepacking bags.


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