Bikepacking 2.0: the new super versatile generation.

XC-Gravel-Bikepacking tailored to geometry and performance

The advent of 29” wheeled mountain bikes added many customization possibilities that allow folks to select the perfect bike today. Riders no longer use their mountain bike for a single discipline, but switch from marathon races to adventure trips, and we realized that what many excellent frames are missing is versatility. They lack the ability to adapt to different uses.

Locomotive has developed a range of high-performance frames that can handle an XC race with the ideal set-up and performance but also adapt to longer Bikepacking adventures, using different geometries.

With Locomotive, riders don’t need to own multiple bikes for maximum performance with different uses. They can have a single frame that’s adaptable.

Locomotive has developed these frames without any compromise on quality and versatility.
World-class welders join triple thickness titanium 3/2.5 and quadruple thickness Stainless Steel 2205 tubes with various geometries.
A single bike made to go from a single speed to a Marathon, to the preparation for your next trip to Iceland. A single bike instead of two or three. Your bike can be built to a higher quality standard than that of the two or three bicycles needed to do the same things.

The Scotsman and Westlander are made of stainless steel, born from the same project but different geometries.

The Scotsman has a mountain bike build, with a flat handlebar that’s perfect for riders who love technical singletrack and rough terrain. If you want to use your bike for Bikepacking but also for racing a Marathon, 24 hour events, or epic rides, then Scotsman is the bike for you.

The Westlander has a gravel build with a drop bar that’s more suitable for long distances, offering multiple grip positions for increased comfort. If you’re up for long gravel challenges in the high alpine, you are made for Westlander.

The Midnight Express is a special project. It’s a hardtail intended for riders who want a titanium frame with an emphasis on XC performance, and who also hope to tackle trail and bikepacking events while putting performance first.


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