Testimonials and Testers

Endurance biker

Stefano Romualdi

Stefano is an athlete as strong as he is modest. He is helping us in the development of Locomotives with valuable advice that he gets from his training and from the trails he runs, trying each time to improve his limits.
His is the closing record of the Tuscany Trail, achieved last spring with Locomotive Scotsman.

Extreme Traveller

Sergio Borroni

Sergio travels. Continuously. For years.
From Alaska to Tasmania to explore and document the world.
He is helping us to better define Westlander’s specifications, optimizing its characteristics for use as a true Globe Trotter.
His Westlander has already crossed Mongolia, China, Burma and Central America and is still in great shape, just like Sergio.


Luca Bettinsoli

Luca is a great athlete specializing in endurance events, especially the winter and arctic ones where mechanical and physical stress reach extreme levels. Luca was the first to be able to test the samples that had just arrived from production and he gave us a great hand in defining the specifications and fine-tuning the product. For example, by him the development of the frame with the forks – in particular the Niner fork – and by him the idea of the reflective decals that increase safety when traveling on roads open to traffic. Luca continues to use Westlander in a very long-term test, adding horizontal and vertical kilometers to find every possible improvement and fine-tuning of the vehicle.

Long Distance Performance Traveller

Stefano Scapitta

Stefano is an athlete who, after years of high level competitions, has discovered cycling. Creator of the Pyrenean Trans-Alp of 3., 700 km and 58,000 meters in altitude, he now travels fast and far with his Locomotive Westlander 29+
He lives in Alessandria where he develops the potential tourist cycle of Monferrato, one of the most interesting areas in Italy.
All-round traveler travels in any climate and weather condition and puts Westlander Locomotives under pressure to find their limits. He has already covered 50,000 km with this model.

Brand Ambassador / Tech tester

Guido Pighi

Guido Pighi is one of the cyclists with the most enthusiasm for this sport we have ever met. Despite a technical background of absolute respect, he manages not to be distracted by what is the true goal of cycling which is freedom.
He drives thousands of kilometers a year in all conditions and puts his Westlander Locomotive to the test!
We are proud to have him among us and we thank him for taking charge of the management of the Locomotive Cycles Owner Club, the Facebook page where many Locomotive owners exchange opinions and comments on their vehicles!

World Level 24H Race Expert

Marco Copelli

Can a biker who has ridden more than one hundred 24 hours on a bicycle help us improve our models even more?
We think so and welcome Marco Copelli in the Gotha of those who are helping us to continually DEVELOP our products and the components we choose.
Few in the world can compete with Marco from experience on events that keep a biker in the saddle so much in a competition.
Marco chose a Scotsman size XL

Locomotive Ambassador

Ersilio Ambrosini

Hi, I’m Ersilio, a boy who loves life, and I’m a disabled boy who is free to live. As a boy I had leg cancer, Ewing’s sarcoma and they told me I only had 5% to live. But after three years closed in a room at the Rizzoli in Bologna with chemotherapy, radio therapy and 20 hours of surgery and a lot of luck I was saved.
At this point my cycling adventure begins, I love pedaling because it gives me a sense of freedom and sometimes I love challenges, such as participating in the long HERO with a Scotsman and rigid fork and above all pedaling with one leg, it is the only legacy that left me my tumor. But the thing I love most is traveling; I did Tuscany, Umbria, Marche, Slovenia, Croatia. This year I will be in Tuscany and at the end of November in Patagonia. My motto is disabled but free to live, but above all to give an example to those who are ill, that life is beautiful, in fact if I had a magic wand and could return to my life as able-bodied, I would refuse. I am beautiful so crooked and happy to have strong and healthy values, I love my disability.

Locomotive Ambassador

Fabio Del Becaro

Fabio began traveling through Italy, France, Spain, Portugal with a backpack, to discover new horizons and new cultures, and then moved on to do the same things with the bike. Not the usual agonist who comes from the races, also because he met the bike late starting with an electric bike in 2014, from there he moved to mtb making trails in many regions of Italy (Tuscany, Carso, South Tyrol, Marche, Abruzzo), and then to the Westlander Locomotive with which he went and returned from Portugal in 2019, crossed the Alps in 2020, Italy from Puglia to the Aosta valley in 2021. He knows the Province of Imperia like the back of his hand and is one by the organizers of the Liguria Mtb Trail and the Italy Unite Wild Trail.


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