Drop Bar in 2205 stainless steel for long trips and gravel use
Westlander is the Drop Bar travel bike with stainless steel frame.

Westlander is a special bicycle, to spend whole days in the saddle, in the maximum comfort given by a perfect position and the possibility of continuously varying the grip on the handlebars.


The variable set-up, in addition to being able to use wheels and tires of different sizes, makes it easier to handle for shorter trips or more stable for travel with luggage. Westlander can also be set up with different combinations, to accommodate different types of use.


The Locomotive preferred by great travelers.

Technical features

  • Rubber passage: max 29 x 3.0
  • Fork: Carbon length 510 mm, rake 51
  • Headset: upper ZS 44, lower EC 44
  • Seatpost: 31.6mm diameter, 34mm collar
  • Bottom bracket: PF30
  • Transmission: Single chainring max 36T, Double max 38-28
  • Rear axle: 148 x 12 mm with reduction to 142 x 12 mm
  • Brake connection: IS 160 mm
  • Predisposition for telescopic seat post internal passage


WESTLANDER Small Medium Large Extra Large
Top Tube A 545,0 mm 565,0 mm 580,0 mm 600,0 mm
Seat Tube B 415,0 mm 455,0 mm 505,0 mm 560,0 mm
Head Angle C 69° 69° 69° 69°
Seat Angle D From 72° to 74° From 72° to 74° From 72° to 74° From 72° to 74°
BB Drop E From 56,5 to 73,5 mm From 56,5 to 73,5 mm From 56,5 to 73,5 mm From 56,5 to 73,5 mm
Chainstay F From 440 to 455 mm +/- 8,5 mm of EBB From 440 to 455 mm +/- 8,5 mm of EBB From 440 to 455 mm +/- 8,5 mm of EBB From 440 to 455 mm +/- 8,5 mm of EBB
Wheelbase G From 1058 to 1073 mm From 1073,4 to 1088,4 mm From 1089,4 to 1104,4 mm From 1110,3 to 1125,3 mm
Head Tube Lenght H 100 mm 120 mm 135 mm 150 mm
Stack I 615,1 mm 633,0 mm 647,0 mm 661,0 mm
Reach J 354,0 mm 365,2 mm 372,7 mm 390,45 mm
Fork Rake K 51 mm 51 mm 51 mm 51 mm

Drop Bar in 2205 stainless steel for long trips and gravel use

Sliding Siderod dropouts

Thanks to the sliding 'Siderod' dropouts available as standard on Scotsman and Westlander it is possible to vary the length of the rear stay by as much as 15 mm.
This means radically changing the reactivity of the bike: more reactive and snappy with the short rear and more stable and less tiring with the long rear end.
Normally the value of the chainstays is defined by the manufacturer with a compromise suitable for the type of use. With the Scotsman and Westlander models, no compromise is needed: the choice is yours and it can adapt to the type of use you want to make of the bike at that moment.

Two-phase steel 2205

The best material to travel is stainless steel
Stainless steel has a very high resistance to corrosion and impacts, does not suffer from salt or other types of corrosion and can be repaired with a normal welder in the event of an accident, which is impossible for other materials including titanium. It has the same weight as a high-level steel frame but the paint (which is not needed) is not dulled by the straps of the bikepacking bags, it cannot chip or even scratch. For these reasons, stainless steel is a longer-lived and more "ecological" material than others.

Eccentric bottom bracket

Both Westlander and Scotsman come standard with an eccentric bottom bracket, which allows the EC to be rotated 360 degrees by 8.5mm.
The two frames have the indications engraved on the left side of the bottom bracket on the ideal position of the eccentric based on the wheel size mounted. This allows you to optimize the height of the movement for each wheel size and maintain a neutral geometry. In addition, in the event of the rear derailleur breaking, the eccentric allows you to continue the journey using a single gear, after having shortened the chain and having tensioned it by rotating the bottom bracket.
Only Scotsman and Westlander therefore have two redundant systems intended for geometry variation: Siderod rear dropouts and eccentric bottom bracket work together to customize the geometries on you and on the type of use you prefer: almost a custom bike, but with the possibility of changing stability, responsiveness, ground clearance and much more as often as you want.

Possibility of adopting 4 different standards of wheels / tires

The absolute maximum of versatility: not only the geometry of the frame is variable but also the standard of the wheels: 700C, 29 inches, 27.5 plus and 29 plus.
This defines absorption capacity, smoothness, grip on critical soils. For a smooth journey you can mount cyclocross-style wheels and have a smoothness comparable to a racing bike. For a bumpy trip and with a lot of off-road vehicles, you can use wider wheels and as with a really large volume of air, to tackle routes and climatic situations that less capable wheels could not face.


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