Bikepacking 2.0: La nuova generazione super versatile.

XC-Gravel-Bikepacking su misura per geometria e prestazioni

The advent of 29”wheeled mountain bikes added many customization possibilities that allow folks to select the perfect bike today. Riders no longer use their mountain bike for a single discipline, but switch from marathon races to adventure trips, and we realized that what many excellent frames are missing is versatility. They lack the ability to adapt to different uses.

Locomotive has developed a range of high-performance frames that can handle an XC race with the ideal set-up and performance but also adapt to longer Bikepacking adventures, using different geometries.

With Locomotive, riders don’t need to own multiple bikes for maximum performance with different uses. They can have a single frame that’s adaptable.

Locomotive has developed these frames without any compromise on quality and versatility World-class welders join triple thickness titanium 3/2.5 and quadruple thickness Stainless Steel 2205 tubes with various geometries.

A single bike made to go from a single speed to a Marathon, to the preparation for your next trip to Iceland. A single bike instead of two or three. Your bike can be built to a higher quality standard than that of the two or three bicycles needed to do the same things.

The Scotsman and Westlander are made of stainless steel, born from the same project but different geometries.

The Scotsman has a mountain bike build, with a flat handlebar that’s perfect for riders who love technical singletrack and rough terrain. If you want to use your bike for Bikepacking but also for racing a Marathon, 24 hour events, or epic rides, then Scotsman is the bike for you.

The Westlander has a gravel build with a drop bar that’s more suitable for long distances, offering multiple grip positions for increased comfort. If you’re up for long gravel challenges in the high alpine, you are made for Westlander.

The Midnight Express is a special project. It’s a hardtail intended for riders who want a titanium frame with an emphasis on XC performance, and who also hope to tackle trail and bikepacking events while putting performance first.

Quality and resistance

Brushed finish

The Inox and Titanium frames are all hand-brushed. This creates a scratch resistant finish that doesn’t require any paint. The hand brushed finish can be redone as desired, and the frames look like new after years of use. The ability to reset the look of your frame back to kilometer zero increases the resale value, and all you need is a new decal kit, a scouring pad, and a little elbow grease.

CNC machined parts

Precision and resistance

All Scotsman and Westlander aluminum processes are made with precise CNC technology. Both of the dropouts can be swapped and replaced if standards change.  The disk caliper support is mounted on the sliding dropout, so that when the carriage is being adjusted the disk moves automatically without requiring additional adjustment.

Locomotive framesets include:

Specific eccentric system with 8.5 mm CNC aluminum offset with numerical control and index for adjusting the position in the bottom bracket. *

Boost rear axle in ultra-light specific CNC aluminum.

Seat clamp in black anodized CNC aluminum.

Bottom bracket drain hole with a set of 5 opening and closing stickers for draining the water. *

Rubber grommets the for the dropper post cable: both a closed version for external droppers and a perforated version for stealth . **

Stainless steel screws with beveled head for bottle cage and rear rack attachment. *

* for Scotman and Westlander and Blue Train C, optional for Blue Train S, not compatible with Midnight Express **Only for Scotman and Westlander


Two unique materials

2205 - Ti 3/2.5

For the Scotsman and Westlander we use the best bivalent stainless steel, with amazing  anticorrosive properties. The Midnight Express model gets Titanium 3 / 2.5 bonded with Aluminum and Vanadium.

Reflective Decal

Safety first

If you ride for hours, especially at night, Locomotive has a specific reflective decal set that lights up when hit by light.

Testimonial e Tester

Stefano is an athlete as strong as he is modest. He is helping us in the development of Locomotives with valuable advice that he gets from his training and from the trails he runs, trying each time to improve his limits.
His is the closing record of the Tuscany Trail, achieved last spring with Locomotive Scotsman.

Stefano Romualdi
Endurance biker

Sergio travels. Continuously. For years.
From Alaska to Tasmania to explore and document the world.
He is helping us to better define Westlander’s specifications, optimizing its characteristics for use as a true Globe Trotter.
His Westlander has already crossed Mongolia, China, Burma and Central America and is still in great shape, just like Sergio.

Sergio Borroni
Extreme Traveller

Luca is a great athlete specializing in endurance events, especially the winter and arctic ones where mechanical and physical stress reach extreme levels. Luca was the first to be able to test the samples that had just arrived from production and he gave us a great hand in defining the specifications and fine-tuning the product. For example, by him the development of the frame with the forks – in particular the Niner fork – and by him the idea of the reflective decals that increase safety when traveling on roads open to traffic. Luca continues to use Westlander in a very long-term test, adding horizontal and vertical kilometers to find every possible improvement and fine-tuning of the vehicle.

Luca Bettinsoli
Extreme Tester

Stefano is an athlete who, after years of high level competitions, has discovered cycling. Creator of the Pyrenean Trans-Alp of 3., 700 km and 58,000 meters in altitude, he now travels fast and far with his Locomotive Westlander 29+
He lives in Alessandria where he develops the potential tourist cycle of Monferrato, one of the most interesting areas in Italy.
All-round traveler travels in any climate and weather condition and puts Westlander Locomotives under pressure to find their limits. He has already covered 50,000 km with this model.

Stefano Scapitta
Long Distance Performance Traveller

Guido Pighi is one of the cyclists with the most enthusiasm for this sport we have ever met. Despite a technical background of absolute respect, he manages not to be distracted by what is the true goal of cycling which is freedom.
He drives thousands of kilometers a year in all conditions and puts his Westlander Locomotive to the test!
We are proud to have him among us and we thank him for taking charge of the management of the Locomotive Cycles Owner Club, the Facebook page where many Locomotive owners exchange opinions and comments on their vehicles!

Guido Pighi
Brand Ambassador / Tech tester

Can a biker who has ridden more than one hundred 24 hours on a bicycle help us improve our models even more?
We think so and welcome Marco Copelli in the Gotha of those who are helping us to continually DEVELOP our products and the components we choose.
Few in the world can compete with Marco from experience on events that keep a biker in the saddle so much in a competition.
Marco chose a Scotsman size XL

Marco Copelli
World Level 24H Race Expert
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